Is J.J. Abrams Pretending to Make a Fake Movie as Cover for Super 8?


Are those super-hot 13-year-old girls who are readying their headshots for the Super 8 casting call actually auditioning for a different, J.J. Abrams-produced movie? According to The Playlist, the new issue of Production Weekly claims that the leaked casting information was for another project, but I'm guessing the industry trade has merely stumbled on Abrams's plan to keep Super 8 secret, because the potentially fake front movie makes this casting call even more inappropriate.

Production Weekly says the auditions are actually meant for a Paramount remake of Little Darlings, the 1980 sex comedy that starred Kristy McNichol and Tatum O'Neal as two girls racing to lose their virginity. Here are the reasons that is almost definitely not the case:

1) That casting information included sample sides that appear to reference plot points from Super 8, not anything having to do with Little Darlings

2) The casting call was searching for two boys and a girl, not two lead female roles

3) There is just no way that a "losing your virginity" studio sex comedy is going to be aged down to cast 13-year-olds

4) Paramount is not going to "accidentally leak" casting call information for a Little Darlings remake to geek movie sites

5) No, seriously, read 3) again

We won't be fooled, J.J.! If any of our spies happen to stumble upon a closed set where the glasses-clad auteur is instructing a junior high school girl, "If anyone asks, this movie is about losing your V-card," your cover is most assuredly blown.

And The Secret Project That Paramount Is Casting Teenagers For Is... [The Playlist]


  • FZ says:

    Who the hell cares about Shitty Abrams new film! All hype! This is how he makes money, not making good films, but creating hype surrounding it!

  • fz your lame says:

    fz dude... cloverfield was fucking sweet you just hav no taste in movies
    this is a great trick as it builds tension around the movie and not just in the movie

  • suzy sux em silly says:

    yet another craigs's lisp killer con spiracy in the making coming at ya directly from the atl. hahahahaha

  • suzy sux em silly says:

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