Winter's Bone Attempts Unlikely 'Sex Sells' Gambit

03-jennifer-lawrence-photo-052610-lg.jpg"You Have Now Heard of Jennifer Lawrence" announced the headline in Esquire. My first thoughts were, "Oh, I've already heard of Jennifer Lawrence. She's the Verge alum who delivered a stunning turn in the Sundance drama Winter's Bone, where she played Ree, a flannel-clad Ozark girl left to fend for her siblings and gut squirrels on camera. How nice of Esquire to give this promising young actress and challenging indie film some attention!" And then, I saw the pictures.

Let's just say, I didn't realize that the incredibly austere Winter's Bone had any sex to sell. That'll learn me! Perhaps we've come up with a way to save the struggling indie drama niche; now, if John Cusack would just be a team player and slather himself in baby oil, maybe we could finally get Shanghai off the Weinsteins' shelf.




You Have Now Heard of Jennifer Lawrence [Esquire]


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