Ranking the Reunions: Jimmy Fallon Already Plotting Next TV Meet-Up

Because you don't actually need an excuse to have Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon charm an audience for 90 minutes, the Paley Center for Media in New York last night hosted a chat between the two NBC stalwarts. And while their conversation was filled with fun factoids about the Late Night host's showbiz career -- and some sad revelations, like that Fallon has no plans to make any more movies; whither Taxi 2 -- the most exciting part might have been Fallon's answer to an audience question about what television reunion he plans on beating the drum for next. For the uninitiated, Fallon famously tried to get the cast of Saved By the Bell together -- he didn't succeed -- and later turned the trick with the much less popular California Dreams. So who does he have in mind now?

· 7th Heaven

For it: Any excuse to get Jessica Biel, Barry Watson and Happy the Dog on stage together simultaneously seems like a good one. Talk about hitting all four quadrants.

Against it: This was an audience suggestion and Fallon was too nice to blow it off completely out of hand. After all, 7th Heaven? Come on.

Odds of happening: 30:1

· Boy Meets World

For it: When Fallon and his staff -- who were peppering the upper rows of the Paley Center -- mentioned Boy Meets World, the audience yelped with delight. Topanga for life!

Against it: Fallon himself seemed unmoved by the prospect.

Odds of happening: 17:1

· Gilmore Girls

For it: This is one that Fallon mentioned himself, so it feels slightly more legitimate. Plus, with Lauren Graham on NBC's Parenthood, a Gilmore Girls reunion would also be a bit of network synergy. Never mind that the show only went off the air three years ago and doesn't need a reunion. Who doesn't love Gilmore Girls?

Against it: It only went off the air three years ago. What is this, the Spider-Man reboot?

Odds of happening: 6:1

· Full House

For it: Not only does it have the nostalgia factor in place, most of its cast members would probably die for the chance to get back on national television. Dave Coulier, I'm looking in your direction.

Against it: Would Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen -- not to mention Jodie Sweetin -- actually want to re-associate themselves with Full House? Can you have a Full House reunion without them? As long as John Stamos is there in a mullet wig and a leather jacket, yes. A thousand times, yes.

Odds of happening: 2:1