Team Coco's Writers Get a TBS Special

CocoTBSAd225.jpgThough Conan O'Brien's permanent gig on TBS is still months away, the angelic forces behind Team Coco will tide us over next month with a new special. According to our sister site Deadline, sidekick Andy Richter and fellow writer/musician Reggie Watts will star in Team Coco Presents Conan's Writers Live, a one-hour special based on a Los Angeles stage show. Full details follow, including the airdate and our caveats for television variety specials.

The show will be taped June 17 at the Bank of America Theater in Chicago for a June 27 airing on TBS. Part of the scheduled proceedings include a musical performance by Watts, who also opens for Conan on his tour.

We've investigated "the problems with variety specials before

":, but to review for the sake of Conan's writers:

· No trotting out ancient legends and making them do vaudeville.

· No incessant slapstick.

· No uncomfortable bawdiness, and no parlaying this into its own series.

We'll relent on our rule against taping sketches ahead of time since Team Coco is funnier than Kelly and Jack Osbourne, and because we may get to see Triumph the Insult Comic Dog pester attendees at Sex and the City 2, fingers crossed.

Team Coco Special a Go at TBS [Deadline]


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