What Was Cut From the Lost Finale?

Though ABC aired the Lost series finale last night as a two-and-a-half-hour event, there were still scenes, lines, and moments from the first cut that may not have made it on the air. (All the more time to sell to Target!) Using promotional photos, paparazzi pictures, and some post-finale reflections from those in the know, we've found four items of interest that may have fallen on the editing room floor:

120169_531_pre.jpgEloise and Desmond

The mysterious, all-knowing Eloise Hawking got no more than three poignant lines in last night's finale, but was there more than that shot between her and Desmond? Several photos indicate a scene between them that we didn't see, where both were standing up and Desmond holds her in a near-embrace. Then again, it could have been alternate blocking for the scene we did see, and an ABC set photographer just happened to snap pictures of that. Whatever the case, Eloise's portrayer Fionnula Flanagan was finally listed in the opening credits as a series regular for the episode, after seasons of guest star work.

120169_531_pre.jpgWalt's Return

Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse told the New York Times that Walt would be back in the finale in some form, but aside from a nanosecond glimpse of him when the Sideways characters recalled their past lives, he was nowhere to be found. Complicating matters even further: Malcolm David Kelley traveled to Hawaii and was snapped by spies last month (at the set used for the Santa Rosa mental institution) while the finale was shooting. Might he have appeared in a cut scene?

The Man in Black's Name

According to Kristin Dos Santos at E!, the man in black did indeed have a name, and it was even written in the script: Samuel. At what point the name would have been revealed -- and whether Lindelof and Cuse ultimately decided the character was just cooler without one -- is unknown.

Jack's Dad

ABC's promotional photos, released after the finale, show Jack's dad at the front of the church, addressing the assembled Lostaways:



Whatever he's saying, Penny is not thrilled that she's been deprived of a line:



  • Martini Shark says:

    You forgot to also mention Betty White's cameo being cut.

  • todders says:

    If you need some cheering up after the finale, check out this EPIC "LOST" parody:

  • TurdBlossom says:

    Penny's face says it all. "Bitch, please".

  • stolidog says:

    Who cares at this point, but, is Penny alive or dead? It seemed as though a couple of seasons ago (?) Ben killed Penny when he emerged on the dock covered in blood, but then when Ben killed Whitmore recently, he said it was because he wanted Smokey to kill Penny. And now, Penny's in the crematorium with the rest of them.
    But again, who cares.

  • mb says:

    @Stolidog, no, Ben did not kill Penny. One can assume she is still alive at the conclusion of the story (when Jack dies).

  • Michael Strangeways says:

    There are supposed to be quite a few extras on the DVD that will enhance the experience and answer some more of the questions. The theory is, Malcolm David Kelly's Walt might have more to do in one of those extras...

  • The Winchester says:

    I'm glad that there are still a lot of unanswered questions left. When writers have to give everything an answer, the midichlorians win.

  • basic instinct says:

    It's a cop-out when you say the other viewers "don't get it".
    Answers to the island mysteries were promised and were never given. That's called lying to your audience.

  • cartoons8 says:

    The Lost Thing has a beautiful melancholic charm that evokes the work of writer Neil Gaiman and filmmaker Tim Burton.

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