Dominic Cooper to Grow Into John Slattery for Captain America

Whether he's hitting up Carrie Bradshaw for water sports or hitting on secretaries in the world of Man Men, it kind of seems like John Slattery has always been a silver fox -- so much so that when it came time for Captain America to cast a young version of Howard Stark, I might have expected Slattery to simply reprise his Iron Man 2 cameo as the character and go rocking the white hair even into Howard's twenties. Alas!

Salon spoke to Cominic Cooper at Cannes, where he was promoting the Stephen Frears comedy Tamara Drewe, and the actor confirmed that he'll be playing the young Howard in Joe Johnston's upcoming film. Perhaps it was inevitable casting -- after all, last time we spoke to Cooper, he was angling to get into another Marvel production -- or perhaps after Mad Men and Iron Man 2, Slattery would just really like to wear some contemporary clothes onscreen once in a while.

Cannes: Dominic Cooper on playing a "human vibrator" [Salon via Slashfilm]


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