Cats Explain Lost, Uncover Its Profound Cuteness


· Cats are being viral again. This time they're breaking down Lost's six seasons into a 60-second morsel. "Sayeed" here is the most adorable, combining pristine chocolate fur with (what else) evil. [Youtube]

· And if kitties aren't quite doing it for you, there's always this fantastic pie graph. [Geek Culture]

· Rub your rosary a little harder tonight, because Paula Abdul may return to American Idol for its finale. [People]

· Glee newcomer Jonathan Groff has big ideas about his character Jesse St. James: "I think maybe Rachel (Lea Michele) has found a match in Jesse. But that's just me." [Metronews]

· Your Thursday night finale ratings winner was... Grey's Anatomy. [EW]

· The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien will compete for Emmy consideration. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will nod respectfully, laugh in private, and collect the hardware. [LA Times]


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