Formerly Spoiler-Averse Shonda Rhimes Offers Murderpalooza Grey's Anatomy Preview Clip


Strange things are afoot at Seattle Grace Mercy West, and they don't all have to do with that mouthful of a hospital name. It appears that Grey's Anatomy executive producer Shonda Rhimes has gotten over her famously spoiler-phobic ways... with extreme vengeance. ABC -- presumably with blessing from Rhimes -- has released the first act of Thursday's two-hour season finale to Hulu, and it's filled with more plot points and reveals than a rejected script for Wild Things 6: Dangerous Orgy, written on spec. For instance, can you believe Rhimes allowed the network to show that...

...Meredith is pregnant?! Or that the grieving husband from earlier in the season -- the one who sued McDreamy -- is now a crazypants shooter? Or that he flat-out murders Reed (the one with the pixie cut) and shoots Karev in the torso? Or that Meredith's voice-over ominously states that she "loved" working at Seattle Grace? As Liz Lemon would say: Whuck?

It was so much nicer when Rhimes treated the plots Grey's Anatomy like they were nuclear codes and didn't allow anyone to know about whatever soap opera machinations she was planning. Now, it just feels like a cheap ploy to get people to tune in for the game changing finale. Of course, it worked here. I cannot wait to see what happens next. Watch the video below and prepare to find yourself canceling plans for Thursday night.