Director of Obscure Dominique Swain Movie Refashions Himself as Tea Party Martyr

Connoisseurs of bad 90's cinema may remember a 1998 film called Girl, which starred Dominique Swain as a high schooler bent on losing her virginity. Soon enough, Swain falls for Sean Patrick Flanery, a rocker who's totally into her until he finds out that she's smart and planning to go to college at Brown -- a revelation that renders him impotent and their budding relationship doomed. Also, when her best friend Selma Blair gets raped, Swain's character says in voiceover, "I guess that I'm just better at picking guys."

Guess what, guys! The director is a tea party hero now!

So says the Wall Street Journal in a front page article profiling the 42-year-old Jonathan Kahn, who's spent the last few months performing at Tea Party rallies in disguise and under a fake name. "It's for protective reasons," he told the WSJ. "In Hollywood, being a conservative is the kiss of death." This is definitely true, and a situation that will not be rectified until some brave executive decides to pay Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, and Jon Cryer millions of dollars to star in popular sitcoms. But there's more!

"I don't believe in handouts," the Pacific Palisades-born son of a doctor continued. "I believe in personal responsibility." Hence his refashioned career as a conservative troubadour:

He debuted his song on stage in Quincy, Ill., at a tea-party rally in September. "All those flags, those good folks," he says. "It moved me beyond belief."

He went on to open for [Sarah] Palin, the former Alaska governor, at the Tea Party Convention last February in Nashville. He was the main musical act two weeks later at the $275-a-seat Presidential Banquet at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. "American Heart" now has its own website and is big on YouTube.

Ms. Palin called the tune "an amazing love song for America." Red Sox pitching legend Curt Schilling said it's "as powerful and moving as anything I've ever heard." Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton recommends it to foreigners "who want to know how the real America feels."

Mr. Kahn's older brother, Bob, isn't sure how he feels. The 8th-grade science teacher says he is proud of his brother, but concedes this new career path has caused distress at home. "Jon came back from one rally with a picture of him with Palin and my wife flat out refused to look at it," he says. "She ran into the other room."

"She thinks I'm a right-wing nut job," Mr. Kahn says of his sister-in-law.

Still, Kahn is a brave man. It's been 12 years since he last directed a film, but that's taking into account that people may have assumed or cared that he was a Democrat. Imagine what it'll be like now!

Tea Party Troubadour Sheds Sunglasses, Hat and Fake Name [WSJ]


  • The Color Green was the name of his band says:

    Jon Kahn's background is a diverse one. He graduated from Stanford University where he received a degree in English and played on 3 National Championship Tennis teams, which means absolutely nothing to anyone in the entertainment field.
    Before venturing into music, he began his career as a writer/director at the prestigious directing program at the American Film Institute where his short film "The Chili Con Carne Club," starring Kristy Swanson with a special appearance by Mel Gibson, went on to win film festivals all over the world. Since AFI, he's written screenplays for Imagine Entertainment, Miramax, and Phoenix Pictures. Most recently, his script "School of Life," aired on ABC family and starred Ryan Reynolds and David Paymer.
    He made his feature film debut by directing the movie "Girl," starring Dominique Swain, Sean Patrick Flanery, Selma Blair, Tara Reid, and Portia De Rossi. A self taught musician, Kahn wrote 7 songs which appeared in the movie. After receiving a tremendous response to the music from the film, he started his own band: The Color Green. TCGs first two records became the top selling pop/rock CDS at at the time. Kahns music has appeared in feature films, television, and radio throughout the world. Moreover, the Color Green opened up for Creed at the Staples Center in L.A. on the final leg of the Creed tour. Most recently, his music was featured in a campaign for Cincinnati Bell starring Jeremy Piven of "Entourage."
    Kahn just completed his solo record “Careless Conversation” which he wrote and produced along with Paul Trudeau. The title track “Careless Conversation” recently appeared on The Ghost Whisperer and the track “Let There Be Love” will be used in an upcoming movie of the week starring Gena Rowlands. His songs have also appeared recently on MTV's Road Rules and ESPN's College World Series. He is currently co-writing the debut album for Lauren Carse along with Carse and Grammy Award winning writer/producer Walter Afanasieff.
    While pursuing music, Kahn continues to write and direct film, commercials, and music video.
    When asked what he's most proud of, Kahn says his English degree from Stanford University,which means absolutely nothing to anyone in the entertainment field.

  • Archie Oogley says:

    Wow. Not sure what wiki you copied-n-pasted that blowjob from, but even the *simplest* bit of research would tell you that "Color Green" was the name of the fictional band in Blake Nelson's novel 'Girl.' Yes, it was a moderately well-known book before being adapted into an unwatchable mess of a movie.
    also - before publication, it was serialized in Sassy Magazine, circa 1990. Nobody remembers this? Damn I'm old.

  • happygolucky says:

    Interesting pose.

  • The Winchester says:

    Has there ever been a more brooding figure in the indie rock scene than Todd Sparrow?

  • metroville says:

    "...his English degree from Stanford University,which means absolutely nothing to anyone in the entertainment field."
    Don't undersell it. It means absolutely nothing to everyone but Jon Kahn.

  • fafu says:

    Of course, this article only proves what Kahn said he feared. The vicious, queeny, phoney, back-stabbing Hollywood Left will now go after him with everything they've got - and invent what they haven't got. These are people who have no absolute moral standards, who define "good" as whatever helps them win. They are not artists. They are propagandists. Its time for the Jonathan Kahns of Hollywood to go public, organize, and fight these leftist gangsters.

  • Anonymous says:

    first off, what a loser.
    what kind of douche bag posts his bio as a comment to a random posting?
    jesus man, get some fucking pride. what a shameless move.
    second, who the fuck are you?
    the tea party will do anything to latch onto anyone who has one iota of Hollywood credibility, and they chose this guy? The dude directed one shitty movie (yeah, i saw it), with one celeb. Selma. Seam Patrick Flannery and Dominique Swain? Good lord, to even mention Dominique in the headline is a pathetic. At least Selma still has a career and a solid reputation.
    ok, third.
    This "movie" that he takes ALL the credit for was adapted from a book. Not even a writer? Shit, my dog could have adapted that book. And considering he s right wing whack-o, I find it odd that he sees no problem with his movie embracing nearly every sin committed. A hypocrite and a hack!
    I have never heard of this talentless chump, and since the only credit he seems to be able to drop is his shit indy film with an alcoholic hack of an actress that never made a dime, I can't find one reason why anyone on the left would pay him attention, and why anyone on the right would listen to a word he has to say. Remember Hollywood, amongst the liberals that flood your town, there are a few conservatives you can still rely on. Voight, Caan, Drew Carey, even Bruce Willis.
    You guys should at least get someone whose name we have heard of, and might even give a shit about.
    A director who casts D-lister alcoholics? Please, I'd rather hear Osama's opinion on politics.

  • anonymous says:

    hey kahn.
    you are a shameless hack.
    dominique swain is an alcoholic whore.
    nobody cares about your fat, pathetic ass.
    go to hell.