You Decide: Should Oliver Stone Keep the 'Stache?

As the 63rd Cannes Film Festival hits its stride this weekend, the international film culture is grappling with some of the most serious issues it has faced in decades. Money is tight, piracy is rampant, a 3-D future looms, and Oliver Stone has a mustache. It's true: Oliver Stone has a mustache. But should he?

I could really go either way. I appreciate the familiarity of that bare upper lip, the one that reminds me of the high grooming standards maintained by the greatest conspiratorially minded filmmaker this nation has ever produced. Then again, there's something kind of awesome about Ollie's 'stache -- the vision of him chasing Dennis the Menace off his lawn, for example, or embracing his ironic-showman side (check out the blue suit, too) on the film world's biggest stage.

It's a hard look to pull off in 2010, but honestly? I'd advise him to keep it. What do you think? The polls are open!

[Photos: (L-R) Getty Images, WireImage]


  • Furious D says:

    I'm hoping he goes for the full Castro-ZZ Top beard, I think he can pull it off.

  • The Winchester says:

    The 'stache makes him look like he will be going door-to-door to announce himself and his past to his neighbors.

  • Anna Carroll says:

    Funny you should run this. Yesterday I wrote in NY Magazine's comment column that there are two men who should never let fuzz grow above their upper lip: Oliver Stone & Daniel Craig. Now I see this. Which came first? My comment or yours? Just askin'.

  • Pamela Strangeways says:

    Dr. Phil shaves off his mustache and Oliver Stone grows one. It's the First Law of Celebrity Dynamics: Conservation of Mediocrity.

  • Yes, you caught me. Were it not for you, it never would occurred to me or anyone else to solicit thoughts on Oliver Stone's mustache. These are the types of trenchant, next-level cultural stimuli that can only be found while trawling NYM's reader comments. Mea culpa.
    "Just askin'"? How about "Just annoyin'"?

  • Anna Carroll says:

    Mutha of Jefferson Davis, S.T., I was just kiddin'! Somebody don't got a sensahuma!

  • Eric says:

    All men should have facial hair or they're not really men. Clean shaven faces are for women and children.

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