The Wanda Sykes Show is Over -- Here's Who Should Replace Her


Well, this isn't a good week for female comedians and their TV star vehicles: Deadline reports that Wanda Sykes is about to lose her Fox talk show, which she's only had since November. The 46-year-old comedian regularly pulls in ratings below her late-Saturday timeslot's previous program, MadTV. Any setback for the vivacious Sykes is a downer, but one of her potential replacements is another famous comedian -- and I'd prefer watching him revamp his failed sketch show from the '90s.

According to Deadline, Fox is considering two different pilots to fill the late-night weekend hour.

Fox has options for the late-night Saturday slot. It has been actively developing sketch comedies this pilot season and ordered two pilots, one written by and starring Dana Carvey and Spike Feresten, with another, from Jamie Foxx and MadTV creators Fax Bahr and Adam Small. Coincidentally, Fox aired MadTV and Spike Feresten's talk show in late-night on Saturday before canceling them last spring and launching The Wanda Sykes Show. But the two new sketch shows were not developed specifically for late night. Sources said Fox is also considering them for primetime, possibly on Fridays or Saturdays.

A Dana Carvey comeback? If you haven't listened to howling packs of comedians claim that The Dana Carvey Show was the most under-appreciated sketch series of the '90s, we're not frequenting the same dives. Dana Carvey's SNL character repertoire and sly subversion make any of his new projects exciting, even if they're not a popular phenomenon.

Maybe his new show wouldn't resemble the madcap format of his TV past -- but who would want anything less from him? Don't make me flash my knowing Master of Disguise turtle grimace.

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UPDATE: Wanda's cancellation is official.


  • anonymous says:

    Too bad about Wanda's show, which was witty....and I loved the Wanda bar. She's a damn good comedian and why women can't make it in late night I don't know....maybe it's still a male territory....Wanda should try cable.
    .... Wendy Williams has become my new fave TV host in the daytime. She's very good and has great guests.

  • DJ says:

    Good, I am happy to see her go. I am a Christian and supporter of Pat Robertson, and I was offended by her and her guests when they put him down for believing that Haiti was cursed by satan. I believe that Haiti is cursed because of their belief in Voodoo and other pagan rituals.