Who'd Make the Better Marilyn Monroe: Naomi Watts or Michelle Williams?

Today, word broke of the next project from director Andrew Dominik (of the woefully underseen The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford): an adaptation of the Joyce Carol Oates novel Blonde, with Naomi Watts set to star as Marilyn Monroe. There's only one problem: Michelle Williams is also about to play the silver screen bombshell in Simon Curtis's My Night with Marilyn. So, we put it to you: if only one of these projects gets the go-ahead, which Marilyn would you like to see?

In Watts's favor is that she's, y'know, amazing, and if Mulholland Drive proved anything, it's that she's more than capable of playing a damaged, breathy starlet. (There was something a little Marilyn about that famous Mulholland audition scene, wasn't there?) Against her, though: she's 41, already several years older than Marilyn Monroe was when she died.

As for Williams, we've noted before that she's definitely got "frequently topless victim" in her acting wheelhouse. Still, would Monroe's overdose death recall Heath Ledger's too closely for comfort?

The floor is yours.

Naomi Watts to go Blonde with Wild Bunch, Andrew Dominik [Screen Daily]


  • ZOOEYGLASS1999 says:

    Wow, this is a great post. I love both of these actresses and I am excited to see how each them tackles Monroe.

  • NP says:

    I love me some Naomi Watts, but you hit it right on the head: she's too old for the role really. I suppose it could still be pulled off..

  • alice__k says:

    Christina Hendricks would be perfect!!! She'd cover that Norma Jean --> Marilyn transformation so perfectly. And she's got the va-va-voom that Watts and Williams lack. Even though I love them as actresses, they're too hard-looking to play Marilyn.
    Am I the only sane one?

  • ZOOEYGLASS1999 says:

    No you're correct. Hendricks would own the role.

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Ditto this. Marilyn was not a size 0 with a collarbone that could cut paper. As Jack Lemmon's character said in "Some Like It Hot," watching Marilyn walk from behind: "It's like Jello on springs." Curves and wiggle, people.

  • roberto says:

    William is not sexy, I can not see her as a sex symbol. Watts is great and she looks like a 35y/o

  • Marcy says:

    Neither one. I saw Poppy Montgomery a few years ago in "Blonde". It was a tv movie and she was perfect for the Marilyn Monroe character she portrayed. It was her eyes that looked exactly like Marilyn's. She should be the one to play her.....again.

  • Matthew DH says:

    This is like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Neither actress here makes any sense being cast as Marilyn. If it were up to me I'd cast an unknown actress. And I couldn't stand 'the Assassination of Jesse James' so i'm sure I won't watch this movie regardless of which inappropriate actress they pick.

  • timuk says:

    How about Anna Farris? She seems to embody the Marilyn effect to perfection. For doubters see House Bunny for starters

  • I love christina hendricks, but her hips are way to big to be playing marilyn monroe. But good suggestion!

  • polos says:

    she is so ugly and common

  • by the sea says:

    I'd pick Michelle over Naomi. Girl can act. I will watch Michelle in anything -- even that dreary film which was her walking around looking for her dog.
    But I agree that neither of them have the curves. I don't know if there is any white actress in Hollywood who is naturally curvy. What about Kate Winslet? Or Rachel Weisz? Toni Collette?

  • Old No.7 says:

    Too bad Anna Nicole Smith has too much in common with Marilyn, nowadays...

  • f.priffin says:

    Christina Hendricks actually has smaller hips than Marilyn (By an inch and a half) did when she shot several of her films...the stats are online if you want to look them up.

  • SaltySue says:

    You are missing two simple facts. Marilyn had much smaller breasts than Hendricks and Hendricks looks NOTHING like Marilyn. I cannot attest to her acting abilities since I've only seen her in Mad Men so I'm not sure how versatile she is.
    These two women are setting themselves up for failure and I hope they know that. Nobody can ever capture what it was that made Marilyn Marilyn

  • Pericles says:

    No you are so right. I can't believe no one in the industry has seen the physical resemblance. Christina would have to do it before she got too much older, she has the bearing, and the innocence and joy underneath the sultriness, much like Marilyn. I have researched as many photos of her as I can find. She has all the raw material, she would need a brilliant script, hard to come by, and a old school director, NOT a commercial director or video clip director. God where are the William Wylers, and Mankeiwizs's? Maybe Peter Jackson could pull it off. He is sufficiantly un Hollywood, no offence, to bring sensitivity and magic to the film.
    Alas, it may never happen, I only know Christina Hendricks is the only young actress to get my attention in this way.

  • sam says:

    Too bad there's too many Marilyn Wannabees out there no one can compare to the mysterious,innocent beautiful quality that Marilyn had but if there ever had to be a pick it would not be these two it would have to be Cristina Hendricks,she has a sweet voice beautiful figure and face and I can see her portraying Marilyn somewhat.I think we will never see the like of Marilyn Monroe again.

  • Ellen Arouri says:

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  • saddle says:

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  • Richard says:

    christina hendricks should of been offered the part. I first saw her in the movie Drive this weekend. She made me think of marilyn. Michelle Williams looks as someone who owns a vintage store, selling clothes and stuff. If they had worked with Christina Hendricks i think it would of been legendary.

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