Blanket Jackson: From Moonwalker to Skywalker

· A leaked YouTube video of Blanket Jackson proves the late King of Pop's son is... a potential Movieline reader! Little Blanket, who looks like a Pocket Fighters version of Andrew WK, reenacts lightsaber wars from Star Wars. It's a little uncomfortable to finally understand everything about this child. Adorable (and strange, of course) video after the jump. [Jezebel]

· Who's competing for Ali Fedotowsky's heart on The Bachelorette? Your usual spread of outdoorsmen and weathermen. [TV Guide]

· A big portion of animated films from the past decade have one thing in common: Animators who graduated from CalArts. And maybe they're Libras or something, who knows. [Slashfilm]

· NBC greenlit an Olivia Munn romantic sitcom called Perfect Couples, which is produced by 30 Rock and Friends alums. Now's the time to tweet, NBC. [THR]

· Private Practice's upcoming character death will be "shocking and saddening" for people, Taye Diggs notes. Not for me, but good effort, Taye. [US]


  • G says:

    Blanket Jackson = the new George Michael Bluth.

  • kittenkagome says:

    lol, thats cute. Its nice to see kids acting like kids for a change. Dont see why this is news, though. OH well, it was fun to watch.

  • Roma Jenco says:

    As well as making false allegations about Mr Jackson that were categorically rebutted as false and inaccurate by Jennifer Batten's on-record statements - Gene Simmons also said he didn't want to see any more tributes but wanted to hear from the children involved in the allegations of 1993 and charges of 2005.
    For the record Mr Simmons, Jordan Chandler hasn't been a child for a very long time now. Jordan was invited to testify at the trial and he declined. If he had testified, it would have been a perfect opportunity for him to put his (alleged) abuser behind bars.
    But Jordan, strangely, decided not to testify. Jordan's testimony would have in no way threatened the settlement he received as that was a civil payment. So why didn't he use what would surely have been a golden opportunity to finally face his abuser and make him pay?
    Could it have been because Thomas Mesereau had publicly said that he had witnesses willing to swear on the stand that Jordan Chandler had told them Michael Jackson had never molested him?
    As for Gavin Arviso, a conservative jury of twelve, has already heard from that young man and the rest of his welfare-defrauding family, and decided they were a bunch of money-hungry con-artists.
    No, Mr Simmons, it is you we would like to hear from.
    We would like an apology made to Michael's family and to his children, who after suffering the loss of their father, now have to cope with the lies and attacks on their father from people who should know better.

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