Facebook Campaigns For a Gay Kiss on Modern Family


On the heels of Facebook's Betty White coup, the social networking site is testing its influence again by launching another campaign meant to revolutionize network television. Only this time, instead of taking on the seemingly impossible task of making Saturday Night Live funny again, Facebook is targeting PDA equality on primetime television. Easy enough, right?

While Modern Family's beloved gay couple, Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), have not kissed once this season, the Facebook movement seems to have been inspired by a single frame in last week's episode "Airport 2010." When Phil Dunphey (Ty Burrell) and Mitchell get to the airport just in time for the family's flight to Hawaii, Phil and Mitchell excitedly greet their significant others in contrasting side-by-side public displays of affection. Phil plants a kiss on his wife (Julie Bowen) while Mitchell hugs his partner Cam (Eric Stonestreet).

A few disgruntled Modern Family fans aired their grievances on Facebook and formed a group this weekend called Let Cam & Mitchell kiss on Modern Family! Already, over 700 users have joined the movement and Modern Family cast member Jesse Tyler Ferguson has acknowledged the campaign on his Twitter account by announcing "I will sign it if you do too!"

Do you smell another Internet victory?

· Let Cam & Mitchell kiss on Modern Family! [Facebook via Vulture]


  • Acceptance of sexual sin: any and all forms of sexual interaction between unmarried, heterosexual couples, is unrepentant sin.
    All these activities try God's patience and have the very heavy danger of bringing God's wrath. Every community, city or nation in history that allowed evil to rise, fell.
    Everyone who pushes for this cause, including the author of this article, is co-guilty.

  • William Dwyer says:

    Although if they keep them FROM kissing, and drag it on, they'll get more press and viewership. TV show fans are fickle. When they complain and petition and want, want, want...ratings go up and up. But when the fans GET what they want, it's over. Viewership goes down.
    I say keep the fans wanting all season, tease them at the season finale, and then give it to them next year.
    It sounds mean, but you know what, it works.

  • Chris says:

    I think God's worried about more important things.

  • Devon Kothe says:

    Anglo-Saxon food, my dear. That was really horrible, but the most important thing is with whom you sit around the fire.