The Waiting for "Superman" Trailer: An Inconvenient Truth

Back in January, Academy Award-winning documentarian Davis Guggenheim won the Audience Award at Sundance for Waiting for "Superman", a look at America's depressingly screwed up public education system. And based on the newly released trailer its pretty easy to see why. Cue up the Matisyahu and grab a few tissues, this one could get dusty.

Guggenheim, who won his Oscar for The Inconvenient Truth, sets up public education as the Titanic post-iceberg. But while hearing that from frustrated educators, bureaucrats and even Bill Gates might not be enough to draw a few tears, perhaps the shot in the trailer of the little boy saying he wants his kids to have a better life than him will.

It all looks perfectly outrage-inspiring and doesn't have any of the smarm or ego that a Michael Moore documentary would. Between Waiting for "Superman" and Freakonomics -- which features an entire segment on giving poor students incentives to get good grades -- expect to hear a lot this fall about how no child should get left behind... again.