GOOP Endorses Poop


· Ready for more Iron Man 2 junket fun? After getting tips on makeup application from Scarlett Johansson, Metacafe cornered Gwyneth Paltrow and asked if she'd sign on as a spokesperson for a fictional product called The Kittenbox 9000. Gwyneth found two problems in the marketing: "Gwen" is not her name, and cats suck. Video follows! [Metacafe]

· Simon Cowell came out of the closet as... a Conservative. [LA Times]

· Conan O'Brien scored another gig -- he's on the Board of Directors for the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. [ONTD]

· USA's White Collar comes back for a second season on July 13. It's accompanied by the series premiere of Covert Affairs and commercials for other shows with quirky, brainy characters. [Cinema Blend]

· Robert Downey Jr. gained 20 pounds of muscle for Iron Man 2. But nowadays he mostly just flexes his quipping capacity. [Us]


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