TV Bites: Chuck Fans Willing to Publicly Humilate Themselves For More Buy More


· Unite Chuck fans nation-wide! With less than a month until the NBC series' season finale, Chucksters are staging another epic display of support for their favorite on the bubble program. Only instead of storming Subways, they are planning flash mobs in Chicago, Seattle, San Diego and Philadelphia on Monday, May 3. (For information, including a super secret video with instructions for the event, contact Fans are relatively certain that NBC will renew the show, but want to advertise the series in time for its May 24 closer. [THR]

A Sex and the City alum circles Warner Bros, The Simpsons welcome Flight of the Conchords, and more TV Bites after the jump.

· Sex and the City's writer/producer/director Michael Patrick King is reportedly nearing a major multi-year deal with Warner Bros Television that would allow him to start up his own production company at WBTV. [Deadline]

· New Zealand comedy duo Flight of the Conchords have taped an episode of The Simpsons that will air later this year. [New Zealand Herald]

· Did HBO act too soon by ordering a second season of Treme immediately after its successful series premiere? The post-Katrina drama has dropped over 25 percent in ratings for its second and third episodes. [THR]

· Betty White told the New York Post that she is feeling "sheer panic" about hosting Saturday Night Live next Saturday. NYP]