Movieline Liveblogs The Human Centipede!

OK. Okay. Here's what's about to happen: I'm going to go into the living room, fire up the cable box, and order Human Centipede On Demand (it's not playing in Los Angeles yet, but Time Warner has generously made it available at the push of a button), and I'm going to liveblog it here, doing my absolute best not to faint, vomit or tear out my hair while screaming in anguish at my Maker about how He could allow something like this to exist.

Is this a stupid stunt? Of course it is. But I need to find out for myself -- and for you, the reader who has too much sense to subject him or herself to this cinematic abomination -- if this is, in fact, 2010's Most Barfiest Movie. Join me in this potentially soul-extinguishing exercise after the jump: (It should go without saying, but there will be many SPOILERS ahead.)


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