Hollywood Ink: Fair Game Finds a Buyer to Take it to Cannes


· Hey, look at that: Doug Liman wasn't lying when he said he had buyers on the hook for Fair Game, which Summit Entertainment bought ahead of its Cannes Film Festival premiere in a couple weeks. The pick-up no doubt gives the Naomi Watts/Sean Penn thriller/drama some early awards-season juice; it also takes the pressure off wondering who's going to pay for the yacht rental for the Cannes afterparty. What a relief. [Deadline]

Uncanny whale impressions, a new Stephen King adaptation, and much more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Universal has given its blessing -- and its green light -- to Whales, the true story of an '80s-era Greenpeace activist (Drew Barrymore) on a mission to save three California gray whales stuck under the ice of the Arctic Circle. John Krasinski will also star, playing a small-town reporter who breaks the international story. This is the perfect opportunity to break out my whale impression! OK, OK, listen: Mmmmrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhooooooommmmmmm. Ugh, I'm out of practice. Let's come back to it later. [Deadline]

· Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Akiva Goldsman are planning to develop a franchise around Stephen King's fantasy Western The Dark Tower. They picked up the rights after J.J. Abrams's Bad Robot failed to get its long-gestating TV adaptation off the ground. [THR]

· Lionsgate is staying in the Katherine Heigl business, picking up its Killers star's bounty-hunter book adaptation One For the Money. OK, OK: Mmmmmnnnnnnnuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooohhhhhhh. Goddamnit. [Variety]

· Dwayne Johnson will next star in director Simon West's action thriller Protection, about a special operative who smuggles a judge's daughter from Mexico City back to the States. [THR]

· Sony is getting back in bed with Kevin James for the comedy Here Comes the Boom, which may also feature Salma Hayek as the female lead. Nobody knows what it's about but here's how you indignantly respond to a James/Hayek pairing in Whalese: Rrrrrrruuuuhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrmmmmmmnnnnnnooooooooffffffffffffffff!!! (That last part uses the blowhole; it's like the spittake of the sea.) [Variety]