David Letterman Visits Regis, Adds 'Knockwurst' to Anti-Leno Glossary

Though Regis Philbin is still battling Paul Shaffer and the New York skyline for most appearances on David Letterman's Late Show, Letterman made only his third appearance on Regis's morning hour today. "You can't see that on Maury!" Regis hollers. The old friends chatted about local issues like Jay Leno and screwing over Conan -- all while Kelly Ripa seemed further away the more she leaned in. That's Chekhov sh*t right there. Dave repeats his squawky Leno impersonation and after the jump, we'll see if he really added anything to the Tonight Show dialogue besides the word "knockwurst."

Eh, not really. We know Jay and Dave go way back, and we also know that Dave will launch into his three famous bullet points about Leno's attitude given a moment's notice. Ahem: 1) "You didn't get screwed, Jay." 2) "Conan didn't do anything wrong." 3) "(High-pitched Leno impersonation.)" It's a darling Powerpoint Presentation, yes, but the syllabus requires Letterman get a new one for his next Rhetoric 202 assignment.

See also below: Regis talks about himself while Letterman groan-chuckles in four different octaves.


  • TC says:

    The Leno bashing is getting old. I don't like him either, but ignore him and move on already.

  • Ted says:

    Agreed. It's becoming Dave's whole act recently - and Conan's too. Enough with the whining, guys.