30 Rock Puts Will Forte in a Dress


There has been a not-so-quiet bit of backlash surrounding 30 Rock this season, as its status as the funniest show ever has worn off. This is partially NBC's fault -- and really what isn't? -- since by putting 30 Rock fourth on a schedule of four comedies, they have created a situation where the audience is facing laughter fatigue by the time it airs. But the blame also rests at the feet of Tina Fey. Too often this year, the narrative plotting has been forgotten from episode to episode. Like, remember Jack's "have to make a decision!" love triangle from last week? Well good, because you were the only one, since the show made nary a mention of this big decision last night. But then Will Forte showed up in drag and all was forgiven.

And that's the thing with 30 Rock: The jokes might not have as high a hit rate as they did during the earlier seasons, but that doesn't mean they aren't still funny. Think about it: Trey Parker and Matt Stone can't show Muhammad dressed up in a bear costume on a cable channel, but Fey can show Will Forte, dressed as Jane Krakowski, making out with Jane Krakowski. On regular television. As Tracy Jordan said, "This is awesome."

When does MacGruber come out again?



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