Iron Mascara

· Scarlett Johansson's press junket for Iron Man 2 gleefully devolved into a scene worthy of Project Runway's L'Oreal Paris makeup room. Here, Scarlett applies eye shadow and lipstick to a Metacafe reporter. Just because! [Metacafe]

· Sad news in "Can You Turn a Julia Stiles Movie Into a TV Show?" news: 10 Things I Hate About You is going off the air after it finishes the back half of its first season. [Hollywood Reporter]

· Cult '80s series Max Headroom comes to DVD in May! It's the perfect gift for the cyberpunk Leos in your life. [Cinemablend]

· A startup UK company will be the first to depict Obama's rise to the presidency in a minseries. [Variety]

· In Prince of Persia, Jake Gyllenhaal plays the most idealized version of Creed's Scott Stapp that I've ever seen. [People]

· Stephen Colbert is slated to write another book for 2012. I'm impatient already, and so can you. [ONTD]