Jonah Hex Trailer: So Bad, It's Good?

Have we learned nothing from Sandra Bullock? Like the embattled actress, Jonah Hex has spent the last few months in seclusion, fighting off rumors of trouble only to emerge this week in the public eye. Alas, the new Jonah Hex trailer forgot to bring a secret adopted baby as narrative cover.

The clip plays like a B-team version of Wild Wild West, with a facially scarred Josh Brolin as Will Smith, John Malkovich in the Kenneth Branagh paycheck role, and Megan Fox as Kevin Kline. If that sounds a little muddled, it's no more so than the incoherent trailer.

Here's the thing though: I don't mind it! Did any of us really care what they were gonna do with Jonah Hex? The most I was expecting from it was a forgettable mid-summer programmer, and trust me, I would rather see a wildly miscalculated mess any day. Other bloggers may look at the crow-vomiting or the gatling gun-equipped horse and roll their eyes, but that kind of stuff makes me want to see it more! I'm actually happy that Megan Fox's Southern accent sounds like a valley girl doing a Dixie Carter impression, then losing her nerve halfway through! This could only be better-worse if it were hastily converted into 3D. There's still time, WB!

VERDICT: Fingers crossed!

Jonah Hex trailer [Yahoo]


  • TurdBlossom says:

    DC was aiming for something along the lines of Fantastic Four (deeply stupid but fun), instead they're going to end up with a Dare Devil, Elecktra or Ghost Rider.
    That all being said, I still wanna see it.

  • Andrew says:

    I cared. =/
    It's unfortunate from the standpoint that Jonah Hex is a great character and there's potential to make a great or at least very good movie with the character. If this is as bad as it looks, that movie will never get made.
    I'm also a little flabbergasted at the decision to give Hex supernatural powers that he never had in any of his iterations and then have the overall story have no supernatural elements whatsoever.