James Cameron to Revolutionize Filmmaking on Mars


James Cameron, whose fearless exploits have taken him everywhere from the Amazon rain forest to the brink of war with Glenn Beck, has a new proving ground in mind for his 3-D adventures. And I'm not talking about the high seas of Pandora, which even he knows is for chumps. The man is going to Mars.

Or rather, his technology is going to Mars. According to a report, Cameron is helping to develop a high-definition 3-D camera to be fitted atop Curiosity, the next-generation Mars rover set to embark into space next year. The camera was said to be scuttled several years ago when the mission went overbudget and behind schedule. Knowing a thing or two about both conditions, Cameron made a personal plea to NASA , telling the project administrator in January that "a rover with a better set of eyes will help the public connect with the mission." Moreover, converting it after the fact is just too expensive and looks like crap anyway, right?

So... yeah. Jeffrey Katzenberg is no doubt furious; no effing way are there enough 3-D screens for this.

· Cameron helping build 3-D camera for Mars rover [AP]


  • Fing Woo says:

    Wow that dude is truly amazing, almost super human

  • Jk says:

    SAY WHAT YOU LIKE about Cameron, the man's got balls, determination and vision and I respect that. And he created Terminator, prob my favourite film franchise of all time and which gave rise to The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the best TV show of all time.

  • Scot says:

    There is a reason for that, he made Titanic and then didn't make another movie for 12 years or so (yes he made a few docs but they don't count).

  • You thought Titanic was bad when you were 9? No surprise there 😉 As for why it was popular, it was so because visually it was something that people hadn't seen before, as was avatar. Which is what JC is good at, which is what has always been good at, in fact all of his movies have been eye candy.

  • Amsoil Al says:

    At this rate, perhaps he will try to film a remake of "Journey to the Center of the Earth" -- on location!