Hollywood Ink: The Hobbit Suddenly Moved Up a Year


· If you're keeping score of this whole The Hobbit release-date snafu at home, get your White-Out again: Wednesday's press release noting a December 2013 release date for the two-part film's first installment was inaccurate. It's really December 2012. The second film opens in December 2013. This doesn't change the fact that it'll never happen in your lifetime, but it's always important to have goals. [THR]

That Richard Gere/Topher Grace combo you've been waiting for has materialized, as has a Commando sequel and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Richard Gere will star as a former CIA spook doing battle with an erstwhile Soviet enemy in The Double, the directing debut of screenwriter Michael Brandt (who co-wrote with his partner Derek Haas). Topher Grace co-stars as the young FBI agent who joins Gere on his Russkie-hunting expedition. [THR]

· Fox plans to remake the 1985 Arnold Schwarzenegger hit Commando. Of course. David Ayer is enlisted to write and direct. [Deadline]

· How does Secret in Their Eyes filmmaker Juan Jose Campanella follow up his Oscar win this year for Best Foreign-Language Film? How else? By making his English-language debut with Dante's Inferno for kids. The film will be called Heck, based on the series of books (one per circle of Heck!) by Dale E. Basye and illustrated by Bob Dob. [THR]

· Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove will soon have a new script to read for her big-screen breakthrough How Could You Do This To Me? Emma Forrest has been brought on to rewrite the story of a girl whose quality of life improves when her parents divorce, causing her to fight to keep them apart. Charming. [THR]