Festival Juror Jessica Alba Fails to Burn Down Tribeca


A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get attention down at the Tribeca Film Festival. Jessica Alba thought she'd taken care of business with her recent festival jury appointment, only to see her Killer Inside Me co-star Kate Hudson upstage her with a rumored (and highly secretive, for some reason) boob job. From there, Alba's strategy might have gotten a little desperate.

According to the NY Post, the starlet nearly cooked her hotel to the ground:

Alba, in town for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her new movie, The Killer Inside Me, was attempting to heat up some fish sticks at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday -- but she couldn't figure out how to work the oven.

According to a source at the hotel, "She ended up almost causing a fire in her room. Fire alarms ended up going off throughout the hotel. The smoke was so bad that fire trucks had to come. The other guests in the hotel were pretty pissed." [...]

Later in the evening, Alba made quite a show of bidding husband Cash Warren a proper farewell before heading to Avenue for the premiere's after-party. "When the car door opened, she sat on his lap making out with him for a minute in front of paparazzi and fans," says another spy. "She only stopped when a friend pried her away."

Now that might sound déclassé, but if you were Cash Warren, and you didn't know from one social engagement to the next whether or not you'd ever see your fish-stick-burning spouse alive again, then you'd probably make every goodbye count as well. Also, Jessica? Dial "0" for room service. It's the same in every hotel, I swear.

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