Cusack Blames iPhone for Wonky Tweets


Do you lose a little piece of your soul every time John Cusack tweets a misspelled word like "breakfasy," "lysten," or "hippocrite"? "I'm pretty new to it, and if there's a spell check on an iPhone, I can't find it," the actor told the NYT. "So I basically get in the general ballpark and tweet it." Still, he can't understand why grammarians bust his chops: "The vitriol was so intense that at first I didn't think they were serious. Because, like, who would care?" [NYT]


  • sweetbiscuit says:

    I care, John, because no one over the age of 7 should need an app to know how to spell "listen."

  • Calraigh says:

    I'm going to introduce myself to people in future as a ''grammarian''. As in, '' Hi I'm Calraigh. Me? Oh, I'm a grammarian. Y'know? The kind of people that police John Cusack's inability to spell and piss you off beyond all reason.Part-time.''