Two for Death, Please


· Apparently, someone controlling the marquee at this NYC cineplex believes Date Night and Death at a Funeral are best summarized using only key nouns. That, or this is a very hostile cry for help. [The Film Experience]

· JJ Abrams's next movie is said to be a fantastical '70s-'80s throwback to (and collaboration with) Steven Spielberg. Close Encounters of ET's Jaws Trek is not the working title. [Vulture]

· A Magic 8-Ball movie is coming to a cineplex near you. Why don't we kill ourseves? Ask Again Later. [Deadline New York]

· Glee's Madonna cover album shot to the top of Billboard's Top 200 with 98,000 copies sold. [Zap2It]

· Paul Reubens has joined the cast of The Smurfs. Now that and Pee-Wee's Playhouse are even less than two Wiki hyperlinks away from one another! [Deadline]