The Adjustment Bureau Gets Adjusted


Is it time to start worrying about Matt Damon's career? Following on the heels of the oft-shifted dud Green Zone, his next film, The Adjustment Bureau, has been knocked from its cushy July 30 calendar position to September 17. Because when you think blockbusters, you think September! Err. Maybe this is a sign that he should just stop making movies for Universal. [Deadline]


  • kadoogan says:

    Smart move by Universal to plant their flag on this date before Jonah Hex could.

  • Blake says:

    this movie is a disaster...Universal has been reaching out to big re-write guys and directors to watch a dvd and try and 'help'...people are trying because of how much everyone loves Matt...everyone knows Nolfi is a dolt. Re-shoots are planned..but who's writing them? one of these hired guns? Matt (who did rewrites during shooting) certainly not Nolfi.