SPOILER: What's the Secret Scene After the Iron Man 2 Credits?


As we told you yesterday, there are already some wildly different reactions to Iron Man 2: there are those who find it "mind-numbingly dull," and those who think it "f***ing rocks balls." If you're the latter, you'll want to wait until after the end credits to see just what easter egg Marvel has planted, hinting at their next film. If you're the former, you'll just want to read this post and be done with it.

At the end of the original Iron Man credits, patient viewers got a glimpse of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, teasing the idea of a coherent Marvel universe for the first time. Then, in the sting at the end of The Incredible Hulk, Robert Downey Jr. made a cameo appearance, which indicated that yes, Marvel was serious about bringing all these heroes together for a future Avengers movie.

So what's the new secret scene? It doesn't involve Downey Jr, Thor's Chris Hemsworth, or Captain America's Chris Evans. Instead, it stars SHIELD Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg), says /film:

After the credits conclude, we see a black car pushing up dirt as it zooms through the desert. We are even given a close-up of the New Mexico license plate of the car so that we know it is New Mexico. The license plate reads 8RE 2Z1. I'm not sure if there is an inside joke or easter egg in those numbers and letters. Probably not.

A man exists the vehicle, and it cuts to a wide show of a huge crater in the earth.

We see that the man is... not Tony Stark -- but Agent Coulson.

He looks down at the inside of the big hole, which has been revealed to contain cars and workers working on something.

Coulson picks up his cellphone and tells the person on the other end "Sir, we've found it."

Cut to a shot from inside the giant crater, and we push back to reveal the hammer of Thor sticking out of the ground.

Ehhhhh. Maybe it's me, but I would have preferred an Over the Top-style arm wrestling match between Downey Jr and Hemsworth, with the winner forced to take on a silhouetted Chris Evans (on account of still-to-be-made costume modifications), and scene! But I guess showing a hammer and forcing you to explain that to your Marvel-illiterate movie date is fine too.

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