Hollywood Ink: Titans! Will! Sequel! (Minus Its Director)


· Sorry, that pow-pow-pow ridiculousness just never gets old for me, and thank goodness: Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have naturally set the franchise machine whirring into action for a Clash of the Titans sequel. Sam Worthington will return as Perseus, but Louis Leterrier will not return as director. And why would he? If you like an original film more than you like your own remake, it might be time to find a new project. A Journey to the Center of the Earth sequel looms as well, huzzah. [Deadline]

Zookeeper gets bumped, Paul Reubens gets Smurfed, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· The producers of the Kevin James talking-animal comedy The Zookeeper probably thought they were in the clear once they defected from the MGM crisis zone to Sony. But just to make sure they retain some of the dysfunctional horror of their original studio, Sony bumped the film back to summer 2011 -- smack between Transformers 3 and the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise. Brilliant. [LAT]

· Paul Reubens has joined The Smurfs' voice ensemble, in which he'll play Jokey. Expect a considerable, politically sensitive revision of the little guy's cackling, bomb-throwing terrorist ways. [Deadline]

· It had to happen eventually: Ice Cube will play a cop in Oren Moverman's Rampart, about police corruption in '90s-era Los Angeles. But at least he's a good cop -- a homicide detective investigating the rotten apple of the force, played by Woody Harrelson. [Deadline]

· Bryce Dallas Howard will carry on her movie mean streak in The Help, the adaptation of Katherine Stockett's best-seller about race relations in pre-Civil Rights era Mississippi. Howard will appear as Hilly Holbrook, "the beehive hairdo-wearing busybody who is cruel to the black maids and generally rubs everyone the wrong way." And probably chews all the scenery between here and an Oscar nomination. [Deadline]