Dancing with the Stars: Is This the Last We'll See of Jake Pavelka?

Dancing with the Stars aired another unsurprising elimination last night, finally ripping the last rose petal out of Bachelor star Jake Pavelka's withering self-esteem bouquet. I admit that his pre-dance clip packages were probably the most entertaining, as they featured the following memorable quotes: "I feel stupid," "You're making me feel stupid," and "Dammit!" among others. He was the closest thing the voting audience had to an idealized self-projection. His melancholy elimination video, along with our ruminations on his future, is after the jump.

Is he doing deodorant ads yet? He's got the symmetrical face, perfectly trapezoidal jawline, and the physique that would look rugged in a nice Men's Health black and white. He's pretty much set. Prepare thy spending fingers for the new Right Guard: Light Vienna Airkiss!


  • whoneedslight says:

    The fake crying at the end felt like a really bad audition to me. Or perhaps he was crying over the dwindling seconds of his 15 minutes slipping away?

  • TurdBlossom says:

    That crying bit was to let all casting directors know he can act. Badly.

  • Phred says:

    Horrified at the state of manhood. Pursuing male lesbian identity now.

  • Iams and Purina both have 'weight control' dry foods;; but they won't work like they should unless he gets LOTS of excercise. Also use toys or playtime as a reward instead of treats.