Bret Michaels Said to Be Conscious and Speaking


Well, here's some great news: Bret Michaels is reportedly conscious, talking slowly, and on his way towards a recovery! That's according to his rep, who spoke to People. Still, the rocker's full diagnosis indicates that his condition is more complicated than first anticipated.

After the Poison frontman and Rock of Love star first entered the hospital with a brain hemorrhage, doctors found he had a side-effect called hyponatremia that can lead to seizures -- which is "relatively common" among similar sufferers. Fortunately, according to People's experts, Michaels will probably leave the hospital the way he came in: "talking and with a bad headache."

This day just brightened! You may now replace your sullen gray bandanna with the citrus yellow.

Bret Michaels is Conscious and Talking Slowly [People]