What's On: You're Still the One I Vote For


American Idol's top six heats up with a visit from one of the most popular recording artists of all time. That's actually an understatement: Tonight's mentor boasts the best-selling female album of all time (eighth highest-selling overall) and three diamond-certified albums. Seems incredible when you consider half the songs are called things like "Bartender! (You Ain't My Man) I'm Outta Here!"

American Idol [Fox, 8 PM]

The final six perform hits by guest-mentor Shania Twain. The singer made a good impression during her judging stint in the auditions, except now there's no John Park for her to hit on. She'll be forced to spend her time on less titillating gentlemen, like Little Aaron Kelly, who will look adorable in his leopard catsuit for a cutesy "That Don't Impress Me Much" cover.

Glee [Fox, 9 PM]

Kristin Chenoweth returns to school and vows to save New Directions. Kurt attempts to set his dad up on a date in an effort to create "a normal family," and Sue demands that the Cheerios diet in preparation for an interview. Wake me once they all get to the "That's What Friends are For" cover.

9 by Design [Bravo, 10 PM]

Bill and Cortney prep for two seminal moments in a lifetime: their baby's christening and a performance by Suzanne Vega. One of those is a sacrament, if memory serves. The other is just a gross ceremony involving oil and a gown, What I'm trying to say: "Tom's Diner" and "Luka" forever, yo!

First Blood [AMC, 8 PM]

Before Rambo was cool enough to put his name in the title of three dozen sequels, he had to settle for the marquee name First Blood. Sylvester Stallone's first Rambo movie sees the freakishly muscular war vet waging a one-man war against the National Guard in the Pacific Northwest. Bring a hanky -- for all the blood that flies out of your nose.