The 13 Craziest Quotes from the Reunion of RuPaul's Drag Race


Though the second season finale of RuPaul's Drag Race was great fun, the real action was at the after-party. In the one-hour reunion special, tears were shed, fingers were wagged, gender transitioning was tearfully discussed, and so many bizarre exchanges of dialogue occurred that they might actually benefit from being presented out of context. Thus, here are 13 of the most out-there quotes and conversations from last night's reunion:

"Why, these drag queens are just plain wicked! And they've got more tricks than Jesse James and Tiger Woods combined."

"Shangela, is that corn on your wrist?"

"Yes, this is my new Gaga-inspired cornsage."


"I live in Dallas/Ft. Worth, and a lot of the gangs and stuff was acting up in Mexico, and it was kidnapping Americans 'cause my mom works in Mexico. So that morning, I heard that a lot of Americans was kidnapped. In my head, I was like, 'I don't know if it's my mom there...'"

"She's not a drug mule, is she?"

(crying) "How's my makeup look?"

"Destroyed, bitch."

"Don' that to me."

"A mom write me that her son want to be a drag queen, and her son have ten years old. And she said, 'Now you show me that my son is a special. I need to love him more and more.' I teach people that my mom love me no matter what. You need to support your family because we are specials."

"As long as I have a [bleeped expletive] between my legs and a wig on my head, I'm a drag queen."


"Point blank, period."


"I'm just under three hundred years old. I know some things."

"Your chicken was funky."

"Really funky, girl."

"It's just malicious. It's just gay faggotry that I just was not thinking we would run into here."

"Well, guess what? We are making a TV show. So don't sit here and act like we were filming an episode of 7th Heaven."

"[Bleeped expletive]"

"Like Pandora said in one of the Untuckeds, the next drag superstar needs to be not such a wretched [bleeped expletive]."

"You received some of the harshest criticisms from the other competitors. Expressions like, 'Lazy bitch.' 'Immature.' 'Mannerless.'"

"'Satan's Baby.'"

"'Satan's Baby.' How's that make you feel?"

"In the wedding challenge, you come out on your knees behind the biggest bouquet of flowers I've ever seen. You peekaboo around it, throw the flowers in the air, and jump up without any support on your feet. And when I called you out after your runway presentation, you had tears in your eyes, and you pulled the veil over your face back in the back of the room. Bitch, your [bleeped expletive] was on fire. That [bleeped expletive] was fierce."

"Con-drag-ulations, Mommy."

"Thank you."