What are the Most Ridiculous Parts of the New Jonah Hex Poster?


While the trailer for Jonah Hex has yet to appear, Warner Brothers did its best today to remind audiences that this movie not only exists, but will get released as planned on June 18. And what better way to do that than with a great poster, right? Or, in this case, a completely ridiculous mess that looks borderline fake. After the jump, the full poster and its five oddest design choices. Imagine what treats the movie holds. The mind reels.

1. Josh Brolin's guns: No, not his arms. His actual guns. As in, this dude is not only holding the crazy-ass Jonah Hex-approved crossbow gun, but also a massive Gatling gun that looks like it weighs 500 pounds.

2. Megan Fox's revealing decolletage: It says, "I'm only in this movie so I can look hot in period clothes." And don't sleep on the phallic nature and placement of her gun.

3. Michael Fassbender's lack of presence: If you're not paying attention, you might not even notice the dashing Inglourious Basterds star on this poster, but he's there, stuffed in the corner with his back turned. Of course! If your hero is a scarred freak that won't appeal to women -- and you've also got Megan Fox: Lady Repellent in the cast -- where else would you put the one legitimate piece of eye candy but falling off the page?

4. John Malkovich's... wait, who is that?: I think that's John Malkovich. Right there -- that guy with the crazy homeless man beard and fireball. Actually, based on the Jonah Hex buzz, maybe it's a good thing he's unrecognizable.

5. "Revenge Gets Ugly:" The only thing more comical than that tagline is the June 18 release date. Don't stop believin', guys.


The Poster for 'Jonah Hex' Hits [Coming Soon]


  • NP says:

    Well at least they're hiding the scarred half of his face in shadow? Yeah, I've got nothing..

  • Gideon says:

    How about the fact that they're banking solely on Josh Brolin's name. But then again, they might be so sure they've got a sure-fire hit that Megan Fox and John Malkovich can remain unnamed.