Lindsay Lohan vs. Glee


It turns out that Lindsay Lohan did see last week's Madonna-themed episode of Glee, in which McKinley High's guidance counselor (Jayma Mays) lamented that today's teenage girls only have role models like Lindsay Lohan, who "looks like something out of Lord of the Rings," to emulate. Lohan responded on Sunday night via Twitter: "#gleecast i hope that the show was referring to me looking like a fairy! with the- and the 'guidance couselor' [sic] she's not a natural redhead." Your move, Ryan Murphy. [@lindsaylohan]


  • The Winchester says:


  • Jonathan says:

    umm actually she is a natural redhead.... she may not be bright red like Lindsay likes to be but she is a redhead naturally. Someone needs to tell hernot all redheads are flaming red or blood red....

  • Eli says:

    Jayma's definitely a natural redhead; I think all that coke effed with Lindsay's eyesight. And her brain—she's picking a fight with a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

  • Martini Shark says:

    But is she a true fire-crotch?! THAT is what seperates Lindsay from the . . . sane people.

  • aspasia says:

    I genuinely feel for LiLo over the wrong moves and decisions she has made. She still can turn her life around and aim for success for people do easily forget and forgive once LiLo can start doing the right things. I am sure she knows by now that right or wroing, there will always be those "haters" who have nothing to offer but deliberately hurt others. Hopefully Lilo takes a long hard look at her options, and make some serious decisions about regaining her lost glory and overcoming all odds to succeed. I believe she has lots to offer, given a good director, she may surprise all of us, even herself. I wish you the best LiLo, and please disabuse yourself from everything that is not good for you. People will respect you once you take serious efforts to put your gifts and looks to good use.
    Go to the Gulf of Mexico, offer some services to the workers, even if it means simply serving them snacks and beverages.
    Wishing you the best!

  • XXXO says:

    Lindsay is a fantastic demonstration of everything wrong in the U.S. today. I seriously can't understand why the hell Lindsay still gets so much news attention!