Hollywood Ink: Jennifer Connelly May Fill in Cheaters Quartet


· Jennifer Connelly is in talks to join the cast of Cheaters, the Ron Howard comedy about a man (Vince Vaughn) struggling with whether or not he should tell his best friend (Kevin James) that his wife (Winona Ryder) is being unfaithful. Connelly would play Vaughn's own spouse. Perhaps she and Ryder can run away together -- if that's not already an unspoken twist in Allan Loeb's script. [Deadline]

Lionsgate grabs the next one from Matthew McConaughey, Paramount returns to the Ring well, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· The Matthew McConaughey/Marisa Tomei legal thriller The Lincoln Lawyer has been acquired in pre-production by Lionsgate, thus confirming one of the films about which we'll probably be asking next April what happened at the box office. [Deadline]

· Paramount wants to revive its franchise The Ring with a third installment in, of course, 3-D. Ready to feel old? How about this development nugget: "The new film is being fashioned as more teen-centric than the first [...] One potential scenario involves teens finding a VHS player that still works." Yeah -- it's in my effing apartment. Assholes. [THR]

· The hockey comedy Puckface -- loosely based on the life and times of boorish, violent and generally loathsome NHL star Sean Avery -- has a new writer in Chip Hall. He'll redo Stan Chevrin's original script, making this the second sports film in a year (after Moneyball) resulting in Chevrin getting thrown under a studio's development bus. [LAT]

· Timed perfectly to coincide with the Tribeca Film Festival, the New York film commissioner's office announced it will start charging $300 for shooting permits that have long been free. Security and parking remain complimentary -- for now. [AP]


  • NP says:

    "The city said it would waive the initial fee if a low-budget production could demonstrate "unreasonable hardship." I'm glad they've allowed for that exception, but still.. kinda sucks.

  • The Winchester says:

    They should make that next Ring movie about a cursed YouTube clip that everybody watches on an iPhone.
    That will scare the shit out of people.