Get the Kleenex: 5 Surprisingly Emotional Moments From The Hills

Tonight, MTV premieres its sixth and final season of The Hills, an iteration that the network has mercilessly teased as the franchise's cattiest and teariest yet. But before we waste an entire season hoping that Speidi divorces, Audrina finds a boyfriend that is not a complete parasite and a cast member battles an actual addiction that is not plastic surgery-related, let's remember back, way back, to when the show had a heart. Cue the milky dissolve.

1. Nuclear New Year's Eve (Season 1, "Somebody Always Has To Cry")


Back in the very first season of The Hills, LC was dating Jason Wahler, the show's original deadbeat boyfriend. Jason cheated on LC, convinced her to forfeit that once-in-a-lifetime Teen Vogue internship for him and would go on to be arrested for multiple DUIs. Oh, and he also ruined her New Year's Eve by passive aggressively suggesting the couple break up. Lauren responded like any self-respecting reality star by taking her camera crew, hopping in a cab and crying the whole way home. Heidi was such a good BFF back then that she also cut her night short to comfort her friend.

Emoti-Rating: 4

Full episode available here. The drama begins at 13:30.

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  • stolidog says:

    what's that thing in the last photo? It almost looks human!

  • bess marvin, girl detective says:

    Not going to lie, this show had its good moments in the early season. The demise of Lauren/Heidi's friendship was the downfall. Never forget.