Conan O'Brien to Give Some-Holds-Barred Interview to 60 Minutes


On May 1, one of the terms of Conan O'Brien's NBC exit deal -- that he would agree not to sit for any interviews in print or on broadcast in the wake of his firing -- will expire. How eager is O'Brien to then spill his side of the story? He's got an interview lined up the very next day at 60 Minutes. Still, there's a catch. Two, in fact.__

Though he'll be allowed to appear on television after May 1, his deal still includes a clause that keeps him from disparaging NBC and Jay Leno. "He flirts with the restrictions," 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft assured the NYT.

The other hitch is a visual one -- though 60 Minutes scored quiet the get by booking O'Brien, they can't use his image in commercials to promote the interview until the day it actually airs. How does the network plan to get around it? "I think we'll just show me talking to him and have to blank his face out," said Kroft. There are going to be some really confused Ghost Whisperer viewers during the commercial breaks this Friday.

Conan O'Brien Will Appear on '60 Minutes' on Sunday [NYT]


  • cinechiquita says:

    They could always do what Zach Galifianakis did as Seth Galifiankis in his interview and black out his face and give him a monster voice.
    I can also just imagine what the blacked out silhoutte will look like of Conan - a big, black hazy pompadour.

  • I watched Conan on tour last week and it was very entertaining. I can't wait for his new show to come on TBS. It will be the beginning of a new chapter in late night TV.