Buzz Break: Full-Blooded

· HBO has finally issued its for-real cast poster for the upcoming third season of True Blood. I think we're all very proud of Pam, aren't we?

· What does Oprah smell like? "Money," says Glee's Chris Colfer, who recently appeared on her show. "Actually, I don't think I was breathing when I actually met her, so I'm just guessing."

· In honor of Bill Hader's giggle-fit on Saturday, Best Week Ever presents SNL's Top Ten Cast Member Crack Ups.

· Finally, we know why Gwyneth Paltrow has been touting her workout regiment for Iron Man 2 so much, despite the fact that she wears power suits throughout: "Originally there was a fantasy scene where I had to get in lingerie," she told Moviefone.

· We may have to add Brendan Fraser's bizarre appearance on The View to our "Promoting Under the Influence" feature. Yikes.


  • Dimo says:

    They missed the SNL bit where Billy Crystal loses his toupee and then Julie Louis-Dreyfus loses her shit.