Report: Carey Mulligan Locked for Dragon Tattoo


After nearly choking with excitement at the prospect of starring in David Fincher's English-language remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, it looks like Carey Mulligan will get her wish: A report in the Times says she's received Fincher's blessing for the thriller's punky female lead. Moreover, Fincher is said to want Brad Pitt for the film as well -- which could theoretically scuttle the star's other, lower-paying Sony effort Moneyball depending on scheduling. If this doesn't affirm the surging Moneyball curse, then nothing will. [The Times via TOH]


  • Wellie says:

    I just saw the Swedish version yesterday, and although I like Mulligan, I have a hard time believing she can really fill Noomi Rapace's boots: the woman gave a performance that was prickly, feisty, defiant, and damaged - none of the adjectives I would use to describe the typical Mulligan performance.
    I'll keep an open mind, but remain highly skeptical.

  • Tom says:

    Very interesting. Guess we now get to see what kind of acting range she has. To successfully go from 'An Education' to this would be quite a feat. I think she's up for it, but we'll have to wait and see.

  • Elaine K says:

    I don't really think Mulligan has a large enough body of work to have a "typical" Mulligan performance yet. If she ends up playing the part of Lisbeth Sanders, though, it will be certainly atypical when compared to "An Education" that's for sure.

  • says:

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  • anonymously says:

    OMG no How can anyone think that she is right for this part. I have been waiting for them too make an american version of this movie and they pick her the shirley temple of our generation. Well here comes another flop at the box office. I guarantee you they won't be doing another one with her. Brothers, Pride and Prejudice, an education yeah all were soooo edgy. Oh let us not forget her cut throat performance in the Greatest. And hollywood wonders why only 3d movies are making money.

  • Thrilled says:

    Why do we have to constantly cast English actors in American films & this will be an American adaptation. It's not like the British cast American actors for British roles. Carey doesn't look the part at all. She is so soft and giggly for such a role. It's ridiculous. She is 23 and plays a teen-aged girl in an Education and everyone says how precocious. Didn't David Fincher make that boring Benjamin Button film with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Those two had zero chemistry in that film. The story rambled on aimlessly. It looked like a rip-off of Forest Gump. I'm real thrilled.

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