Pixar Goes Live-Action for New Toy Story 3 Promo


How do you feel about sideways universes? For a nation still struggling to piece together whether Sideways Jack is maybe married to Sideways Juliet, and what happened to Sideways Sayid's accent, and what did Sideways Ilana do to get her hair so shiny and lustrous, the new Pixar viral campaign for Toy Story 3 may be too much to handle.

In the "retro," 1983-dated commercial that's been released to YouTube, little girls play with the super-cute Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, a character from the upcoming Toy Story 3 that never actually existed in any form until now. Still, kudos to Pixar for the ad's VHS-era verisimilitude, and for dating Lotso to 1983, since we all know Teddy Ruxpin would have wiped the floor with him come 1985. Once you go animatronic, you never go back.

Says the "YouTube user" who "uploaded" "this" "ad": "I totally had one of these growing up. I don't even know what happened to it. My mom probably put it in the attic. I don't like going in there, so it's as good as gone." Yeah, it probably died. Childhood's end!

VOTD: Vintage 1983 Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear Commercial... Toy Story 3 Viral? [/film]


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