New Clip Proves Jonah Hex May Actually Come Out on Time

Who knows what WB is doing with Jonah Hex? From the very beginning, this summer movie has had so many strikes against it (it's a Western, it has an unproven box office draw in Josh Brolin, the lead character is unattractively scarred, the director has never made a live-action film before, another director was hired for reshoots) that it's a miracle it got made at all, let alone with a sizable budget. Still, for a movie coming out June 18, it's more than a little bizarre that the studio waited this long to release anything related to it, be it a trailer or even stills from the production.

Buzz started to circulate that WB might push back the release of the film, but the studio asserts that it's still coming out on time, and a trailer will debut this week. Here's ten seconds of it. Megan Fox is in about one and a half of them:

Still, if the studio wants to convince people that the movie is actually doing fine, they should have thought twice about the test screening recruiter they put outside a recent Iron Man 2 press screening in LA that happened to be crawling with the same fanboys who've been mumuring about a hex on Hex. The recruiter held out a sign with "Jonah Hex" scrawled on it and tried desperately to get someone interested. No takers.

First Glimpse Of 'Jonah Hex' Sneak Peek Trailer [ONTD]