Leaked: Lost Season Finale Call Sheet Gives Away Some Spoilers

Lost Call Sheet.jpg

To give you an idea how potentially nuclear the information on the leaked call sheet for the season finale of Lost is, upon seeing the following link, Movieline senior editor Kyle Buchanan commented: "I've avoided that all weekend. I don't want to knowwwwwwwww." So, yeah, this is pretty serious stuff. Certainly the type of thing that Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse and the rest of ABC didn't want to have hit the web. Or, maybe they did want this to see the light of day, since it's all just some red herring produced by the Dharma Initiative in conjunction with Charles Widmore, The Man in Black, Nikki and Paolo. Who's to say? Click ahead ... if you dare.

Still here? Alright, so the leaked call sheet -- spoiler alert! -- reveals that Desmond is actually still alive, and will be through at least the season finale. Though since he was maybe-killed by Sayid last week, that seems fairly predictable; after all,Lost isn't No Country for Old Men, breaking convention and killing major characters off-screen.

More important though is "Scene 158," which states ominously that "Jack is in Hell." And it's described as a cavern. Hmm. Also, that "Hell" is capitalized seems important. Either that or a typo.

You can also expect a scene where Jack and Not John Locke discuss dead John Locke while lowering Desmond down a rope. What does that mean? Check out the sheet below and begun furious speculation.

Lost Call Sheet.jpg

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  • FrancoisTrueFaux says:

    So where do we RSVP for the wrap party if our name's not on the crew list?

  • LOST has brought to the homes of millions due to it's reality of living in Hell on Earth which it is, and the Other side is where our life begins once completed here in the physical. We choose when were leaving this planet regardless of how we leave when it's over it's over while here we are living in the Dramatization of reliving a Play once before we lived and re-enacting again, being Old Souls most of us..For ones that do not believe in all this that's presented on Lost is because they are Baby Souls never experiencing life as it is today.
    Lost is one of the best sitcoms due to the reality it self explains things as it is on this Planet we live today.
    Enjoy every lasting bit of Lost for it will be relived in the Physical for million on Earth..
    Emaho ~

  • Bill says:

    My wife and I have followed this program since the beginning, and even took a trip to Hawaii to visit the filming locations. Some episodes were brilliant, yet some were awful. I think many viewers wanted to like the show but got frustrated and bailed-out with being thrown so many questions and so few answers. I'm convinced the producers/writers have changed courses many times and half of the last five years has just been "filler". But the superb acting, direction, sets, and scriptwriting makes LOST a truly remarkable tv experience. Oh, and the fans, they make it unique, also. We just hope it gets wrapped-up in a grown-up, sensible manner, and isn't left to speculation and mystery.

  • Mike says:

    I guess the end is truly here. With only four episodes left, the producers have a lot of explaining to do. After scouring the internet for clues of what's to come and piecing together some logic from past seasons, I've tried to breakdown what I think will end up happening in the next few weeks - and it's a doozy. What major characters will die? I think some that people will REALLY care about. Where will the show end? Like it's rumored, in hell? http://thesmogger.com/2010/04/30/lost-the-final-countdown/

  • dudette says:

    All I know is I have never watched a show like LOST and will be very sorry to see it end. It has kept me entertained since the begining. While maybe not every episode was perfect, there were many more that kept me on the edge of my seat, even those that once ended, had me realize I was holding my breath! I learned to record each show so I could go back to make sure I heard what I thought was said, see what I thought I saw, etc. Coming out with the captioned repeat episodes was brilliant. I was so disappointed this season when they stopped the back to back episodes for some new show which I would never watch just because ABC had the nerve to show it when last weeks captioned episode should have been on to catch us all up and explain what we maybe didn't catch for ourselves. Sure made for the best segway into the week's new episode I have ever seen. I hope someone picks up the show in reruns. I would watch it all over again even knowing the outcomes. I have so looked forward to each wonderful season...too bad for us fans. I will miss this show.

  • Mafyou says:

    Lost has been the most epic serious brought to tv. I have been hooked ever since the first few episodes I saw. I was behind as I started watching it on netflix. The day season 4 hit netflix my girlfriend and I watched the entire season in a day and a half. Every season gets better and better as do the conversations with other fans on our personal specualtions of the future of Lost. I think I may cry on the season finale as have never been so excited week afte week for Tuesday night. The writing and minds behind Lost are phenominal and my love for Lost will forever live on, even if the show has to end :,(

  • chiliboots says:

    Sitcom? LOST? Hardly. Your inelegant, and unintelligible,
    use (mangling) of the English language renders your comments
    not only incomprehensible, but overall, totally useless.
    I am guessing you are attempting to allude to the "after-life".
    Wrong. This Show speaks of parallel dimensions, and uses words
    like "hell", and "dead", in an allegorical, not literal fashion.
    It is evident that NEITHER Jacob, nor Smokie, are heroes; BOTH
    were 'assigned' to this place. Read Set, Horace, Nephalim or
    whatever you wish: these characters are imprisoned, there.
    This Abyss is where they are "chained". God has yet to appear in
    any episode. Heaven is not detailed, only this alleged "hell".
    These are The Fallen, deceiving, and being deceived.
    The "Elite", e.g., Widmore, want to 'harness' the power of these
    entities. They are, likewise, deceived. The Plot speaks of a long-
    standing association between evil humans, and Fallen Angels.
    While seriously flawed (who isn't) Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley etc.
    are not intrinsically evil. This Show is about parallel, concurrent dimensions, not any "afterlife". I emphasize again, God is not
    anywhere to be found.