'I'm Going to Need the Children's Speculum'

· In preparation for tonight's episode of United States of Tara, dig this Funny or Die item written by the show's main scribes Diablo Cody and Jill Soloway. I don't know how a female-centric response to the penis-exalting Hung called "Tight" hadn't been attempted before, but at any rate, it's perfected here. Viva Michaela Watkins! [Funny or Die]

· Emily Blunt is opening up about throwing away that Captain America offer. Surprise: It's "just not what she wanted to do next." [MTV]

· Alexander Skarsgard is super-comfortable naked. He shot a graphic scene with a dude, and guess what? It was coo! [People]

· Randy Quaid and his wife are taking a couples' retreat to prison. [Gawker]

· Speaking of Emmy-winning reality competitions, Donald Trump thinks The Amazing Race doesn't deserve all its accolades. And I think Ivanka doesn't deserve the greatest flatiron of all time. We live through these things. [THR]


  • The Winchester says:

    "Randy Quaid and his wife are taking a couples’ retreat to prison."
    Here's hopin the shitter isn't full.

  • jj says:

    Thank you FOD. I've been wondering when someone would co-opt my idea as counter programming for the ridiculous, sexist, homophobic, "H***." Yeah, that's right, I won't even lower myself to type the title. I'm flattered (sort of) that it was FOD. "Tight" was my title, as well. Although, I abandoned it as not quite ugly and degrading enough. There's gotta be something else that will diminish a woman as much as the HBO title does a man.
    Now, as soon as the networks come up with a show about middle aged men called "Silver Foxes" about a town where old guys who've had waaaay too much cosmetic surgery do nothing but get pursued by and hook up with 20 year old females while everyone nods approvingly, as if that's the way things should be, I'll know I was born to pitch and produce television.

  • Ringo says:

    More proof that society is hitting rock bottom