Does America Really Want to See Roman Polanski 'in Shackles'?


Happy Monday, America! I hope you had a wonderful weekend of rest and relaxation. Goodness knows you didn't see a movie, so maybe you did a little travel? Spent some time at church? Did some light shopping? Watched baseball? Went out to dinner? All this, of course, in addition to wanting to see Roman Polanski extradited to the United States and shuffling off his plane "in shackles."

This according to the filmmaker's fireball attorney Herve Temime, who'd previously waffled on the prospects of Polanski's voluntary extradition for sentencing in his 32-year-old unlawful-sex-with-a-minor case. He'd also hinted that the pervier members of the French government -- like underage-Thai-bonking culture minister Frederic Mitterand -- might keep their messages of support to themselves until this whole crisis blew over. Clearly Temime never thought the legal battles would go on for months, which -- in the wake of a California appeals court rejecting Polanski's bid to be sentenced in absentia -- led to the lawyer making his latest exasperated appearance on Euro-radio:

"One gets the feeling that there's the desire to see him arrive in shackles, when there's no reason why Roman Polanski should be extradited, none at all," lawyer Herve Temime told Europe 1 radio.

The court has also rejected a petition filed by Polanski's victim, Samantha Geimer, to have the case dismissed altogether. [...]

"The time he spent in jail 32 years ago means he has served his sentence," Temime said.

Oh, boy -- here we go again. I'm not sure anyone besides a few bloodthirsty city attorneys really do want to see a shackled, 76-year-old RoPo making his way off a plane at LAX, but still: This us-vs.-them culture-war flare-up -- that Polanski has paid his debt no matter what California law dictates -- is not really going to help things, is it, Herve? When are you and Polanski just going to get on the plane and work this out? It's not even as though house arrest in Gstaad is all that fun anymore with the snow melting. You can't see any reason to come, but I can't see any reason to stay.

· Polanski lawyer says U.S. wants him "in shackles" [Reuters]


  • happygolucky says:

    Surely Herve can arrange for some stylin' shackles. Of course this lets Joan Rivers in on the commentary but what the hell - let's have some springtime fun!

  • Oster says:

    Yeah, actually, I'd like to see him fry. Every child molester (and he is one, he's even admitted it) should fry.

  • Kyle Buchanan says:

    I mean, I need a reference point for my Halloween costume.

  • vernon says:

    His lawyer forgot the handcuffs. They go with shackles. How else would he suggest a fugitive child-rapist be returned?

  • Lucas says:

    The issue is pretty clear. Regardless of the whole issue of him admitting he had sex with an underage girl, if he was temporarily insane due to PTS blah blah. He ran. He used his money and connections to get out of the country and wag his fingers at the US.
    So even if, as the victim has asked, he is pardoned on the statutory rape he should deal with the fleeing. Let him pay for his own private jet and all that. Keep the arrival time on the QT to avoid riots and such. But have a US Marshall go to that Villa, drive with them to the airport, get on the plane with him etc. Actually send a couple of them.

  • Des says:

    Not a "bloodthirsty attorney" here. I want the pedophile to arrive in a Hannibal Lechter chair, barring that handcuffed and shackled flying coach. His lawyer argues that 42 days is long enough for raping and sodomizing a child, wonder if it was his child would that be long enough. So ok give him time served on the sexual assualt and ten years for being a fugitive. We don't grant release to people who show no remorse and this animal has never shown any so why go lightly on him?

  • freedom man says:

    this poor man..........i do not feel sorry for the the young woman who experienced celebrity sex in a sauna and (apparently) has no regrets.........our intellectual laws must stop oppressing animals such as ourselves who mean no harm to is ashamed of his animality and this must stop is completely natural for a man and women to have sex once a women reaches puberty..america, grow up -- get out of your secular daze!!!.........stop making your priests and internet trolls accept homosexuality as the norm and stop defining our age as much as you do............age is only a number and i regarde polanskis experience as a beautiful's ashame that anything good and pure has to be marred by 'humanity'.....there is no humanity in cutting off your heart, your brain, your intellect and your god given right to public a right world there would be no subconscious which christian media exploits for profit -- yes, libido is quite a market for the hypocrites.....'to catch a preditor' must stop now........there is nothing wrong with nailing future extortionists whose thoughts regarding man are far from innocent....MAN, take back the world!!!!!!!!.....let's fuck again without shame -- whenever, whoever agrees to with us.......and let mr. polanski (who is well hung) live a dignified existence and reflect fondly on giving a young girl one of her first oragasms....thank you, roman for so many wonderful movies and may you live the rest of the life you fault for in peace.

  • vernon says:


  • Ted says:

    I don't think the girl had an orgasm being raped in the rectum. Maybe you need to check out some prisons first hand in one of those communal 120 inmate gyms with cots while the one guard watches behind bullet proof glass Fantasy Island half asleep with his back to you. Course you have a prostate. I was under the impression that feminist women considered anal sex to be a man trying to rape a woman legally since it gives the women only the pleasure of pleasing her man.
    I suspect if it was an Arab 40 year old man raping a Jewish 13 year old the media would feel a little differently about the whole thing.

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