Real Housewives of NYC Reality Check: Jill Zarin Caught in a Lie

Last week on the Housewives of New York City, Jill insulted anyone who came within a five-mile radius of her and Bethenny found out that she was pregnant. But when Bethenny returned for last night's episode, she was magically engaged, leaving viewers to shout angrily at the screen, "What kind of reality fiance does not propose on camera?" Meanwhile, Kelly burnt pancakes in the Hamptons, Alex did something of no interest to viewers, Sonja tried to provoke a sexual awakening within LuAnn and Jill cleaned up after her dog relieved itself in the foyer. Yes, those parts made up the sum total of last night's episode, "Let's See That Ring." Join Movieline as we wade through the wreckage and find the truest and fakest moments.

TRUE: Like Viewers, Ramona's Daughter Wants No Part Of Her Mother's Renewal Ceremony


The life of a teenage girl is pretty miserable, even more so when you are the 14-year-old daughter of Ramona, the craziest of the New York City crazies. Two weeks ago, viewers watched as Ramona excitedly shoved her daughter into traffic so that she could get to a Perez Hilton party faster. Last night, Ramona dragged Avery into her renewal ceremony to celebrate her 17-year marriage.

After asking Avery to be her maid of honor, her daughter sagely pointed out, "Shouldn't you renew your vows after 20 years? Like, 17 is such a random number."

Thank you! Ramona explained that the number does not really matter and besides, she is not sure if she will have a reality show in three years that will pay for the ceremony. Avery rolled her eyes, asked for a full list of her duties "if [I] decide to even be your maid of honor" and then said she'd "rather just watch."

After Avery flagged down a waiter to order breakfast ("I usually get focaccia. You don't have it on the menu but it is with prosciutto, ricotta cheese and truffle oil."), the wise-beyond-her-years daughter told Ramona that the ritual was meaningless since her mother was already married.

Please Bravo, if you are going to continue spinning off the Housewives franchise, give us Real Housewives' Daughters of New York City.

FALSE: Jill Is Not Mad At Anybody


I present you with the greatest screen capture of the night. After last week's episode, in which Jill terrorized every cast member except LuAnn and Sonja, she claimed to not be mad at anyone. The statement was so outrageous that Bravo felt the need to add subtitles.


  • The Winchester says:

    It's not a lie. She's not mad at anybody.
    She's mad at EVERYBODY. Just check out that death stare.

  • Darren Smith says:

    Does anyone watch this utter shit?

  • Louis Virtel says:


  • Lucy says:

    I enjoy watching the shows, they are my guilty pleasure. I am not sure why someone who obviously does not watch, reads a blog post about the show and then feels the need to leave a nasty comment? Just move on!
    Anyways, I think the renewal of vows is silly, even Vicki's on OC. 15 years is unusual too. Vicki was trying to save face with viewers after smacking Don around the year before at least I do believe that Ramona and Mario have a marriage. Avery seems like a great kid but she did get her hair all dolled up for that shot. It looked great but not REAL.
    Oh, and Jill, poor Jill, she really killed herself this season, wonder if she can redeem herself? Pretty hard, but you know fans, they switch easily! I never did care for Jill but it is a show and I don't hate any of the women I just enjoy watching them be UNREAL!!!!

  • paula says:

    did anyone notice how insulting jill was about the vet's assistant's shoes?
    she called them plastic!then she said she didn't know what they were made of but"they aren't good shoes".what a snarky,elitist,hypocritical,review-your-own-damn-book-and-give-it-5-stars,back stabbing,bitch!

  • john says:

    What a bunch of self serving cunts!

  • Krishnan says:

    I like watching the show with Sonja Morgan, Alexis and Romona better than watching hyper Kelly, Jill, Bethanny & Luann-the high countess of vampire land! Yes, Romona's daughter is a very sensible, bright, mature and head on the shoulders girl for her age.

  • Anonymous says:

    Jill did have to say something nasty about Sonja at the Gotham party - she told a guy that if he would let Sonja stick her tongue down his throat she'd probably let him sit next to her. Why? Why does she say mean things about people she's just recently met (Sonja)? I think it's the classic way some people can only feel good about themselves is by putting others down. Jill has made it into an art form. An ugly art form. I don't think she has a redeeming quality in her bones. And her timing couldn't have been worse with her book coming out and expecting people to buy it. She's single handedly lost more book sales and fans than anyone I can think of.
    The reunion show should be wild and amped up. I can see it now - 2 couches with Ramona, Alex and Bethenny on one and Jill, LuAnn and Kelly on the other. Good luck Andy with this one!

  • Matthew says:

    Oh that proposal is on camera, trust. It's just being saved for the Bethanny spin-off show.

  • its me says:

    All the ladies are inappropriate, rude and 2-faced, ALL of them. None of them are really friends. Everyone thinks the other is self-serving (which they all are). And when I say all i mostly mean Bethanny, Jill, Ramona and LuAnn, I wouldn't talk to any of those women.

  • perr says:

    don't you think a lot of the negativeness is hyped up to keep us watching? i'm not saying all but, just saying... they need more believable "reality". so many of these scenes are contrived.

  • Mark says:

    They can throw Jill, Lulu and Kelly in the city dump. Get new housewives and start over..this is mean pre-teen girls who's mothers have not taught them any better not grown women. So they are definitely on the wrong show. How ironic its 3 unwives on the married women and I call Jill that cause it seems she married for money. Bet she is jealous of Beth's guy.
    Jill is one of the most hateful women I have come across. She reminds me of the Jewish guy I once knew who father was just like this..always tearing people down and picking them apart. Its really sick and they need therapy but how does Jill go somewhere and just snip every person apart. This is one sick chick in my estimation.

  • cp says:

    Jill - you are one sick person, you are no ones friend. You talk about everyone behind their backs and you make fun of people. How sad to be you. You may have money, but you have no idea what being a friend is.
    What a pity. You are married to someone that seems to be a great man, learn from him.

  • rj says:

    Did anyone else watch the aftershow w/Andy Cohen on the night that Jill decided to tell the world that she was "trying to be snarky like Bethenny this season...and it's not working" for her???...I'M BEGGING ANDY COHEN TO ASK HER ON THE REUNION SHOW WHY IS IT THAT SHE HAS TO TRY TO BE SOMEONE ELSE...IS SHE THAT UNHAPPY WITH WHO SHE IS???
    Let's not forget about getting her on camera stating that she had nothing to do w/posting her own favorable book reviews...She is a total joke!

  • rj says:

    O!...I forgot...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...NO MORE GLORIA!!!!!..The sound of her voice makes me want to jump off of my roof!!!...THIS OLD BAG HAS GOT TO GO!!!!

  • dawny50 says:


  • Lisa says:

    Jill Zarin is the shallowest, most despicable person I've ever seen. She passes herself off as a socialite but she is nothing but a gold digging low class witch. Focus on fixing yourself instead of trying to sell us your worthless book of "advice".

  • Lora says:


  • Melissa says:

    I used to like Jill. But this year I don't. I think her ego has become over inflated. She talks waaaaaaay too much, and doesn't listen as much as she should. Her poor husband...if Jill doesn't pay attention to the choices she is making, she'll end up sending her husband to the grave early, from the stresses of having to live with her. You should check yourself Jill. Are you being "real" honest with yourself? Come down off that high horse you've been riding on, girlfriend.

  • Cathie Thompson says:

    I really used to like Jill, and thought she and Bethenny had a genuine friendship, but it seems as if Jill doesn't understand what frienship means anymore. I have given her the benefit of the doubt and have surmised in my our mind that the fame has gotten to her and she needs to create drama to keep her place on the show. I mean lets face it, she is married and the marrigae seems kind of unexciting, it would be WRONG to involve her daughter's life, she tried episodes involving her Mom, the result was sappy. Her business life (selling fabric) is not exactly stimulating to viewers. So all she has is her social life (yawn) and whatever drama she can create with the other housewives and like the typical "mean girl" you must attack one, and try to get everyone else to not like her either. Gossip, cruel vicious comments and hurtful behavors have surrounded this self centered bi-polar housewife.

  • shawn says:

    jill is beyond awful-she gives jews a bad name-i am embarassed she is a member of the tribe.
    the worst- show is addictive!

  • MyOpinion says:

    Jill seems skeeved out when she is near Booby....I mean Bobby. And what grown man (especially one who owns a business) goes by "Bobby".

  • sharon ross says:

    she dosent sound like a socialite she sounds rough like she comes from the bronks, and wears so much make up I suppose she has to she must look trribe without makeup

  • Janine says:

    Plesase please don't Bravo waste anymore time on Kelly, she is just not right, and never accepts responsibility for her doings, hello! VICTIM VICTIM VICTIM!!!! it is not a bit of wonder that Jill wants to make up with Bethanny, imagine going to lunch with Luanne and Kelly argh! Jill has sure backed the wrong horses with these 2!!!!! At least with Bethanny there is some humour and good conversations with the other 2 you might as well talk to a bloody wall!!!!! What a mess you have made of things Jill....... Janine