Project Runway Finale Recap: Running Auf with the Win!

Awww, yeah. Time to quote the One Day at a Time theme song: This is it! Project Runway concluded last night and chose a winner among its three remaining contestants. Take your pick: Is it the cartwheeling manchild who's mistakable for the most ecstatic Panic At the Disco roadie ever? The hard-smirking headmistress with bangs like an '80s topiary? Or the unsmiling train conductor who does not want directions to the Gunn show? After the jump, we analyze Seth Aaron, Mila, and Emilio's final Bryant Park collections, make fun of it all, and reveal the champion at post's end.

Seth Aaron

The Good


Checkered suits and royal-red detailing: Yep, Seth Aaron writes sins, not tragedies, in case you forgot. These two look like playing card characters, and I'm in love. There's the four of spades and jack of diamonds, strutting right out of Hoyle's special edition "Ferocious!" deck for the LGBT community. While Nina Garcia was correct to note Seth Aaron's sometimes-costumey aesthetic (and Mila was onto something with her snipe-y "Hot Topic" comment), the exuberance in his detailing, print choices, and silhouettes remain timeless and clever. I mean, that left-hand look? Flawless. I'm not positive what to make of the sleeves on the right-hand harlequin, but I do know her overall look is tart and fantastical. Two of a kind, indeed!

The Not-So-Good


Here we have a clunker and a Hefty Bag with showbiz ambitions. Not only is the royal purple a mysteriously ill-fitting hue for Seth Aaron's collection, but the multiple leather bands and fabric poofs destroy this girl's figure. She looks like a Clue mansion candlestick. As if the grandiosity alone wasn't hitting us over the head! Regarding Hefty! The Musical! on our right, it aims for showstopping and becomes the most forgettable piece in the collection. It's back to Allentown for that failed ingenue.

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  • Alice says:

    The look of utter disbelief on Emilio's face (what was up with that Papa Smurf hat?) was priceless. He will never again lisp to the camera how much smarter he is than Tim Gunn.
    And how about that reunion show on Models of the Runway. Emilio was a complete bitch. And Jay's comment about that model's bad teeth and thick legs. Me-ow!

  • Louis Virtel says:

    That comment was INCREDIBLE. Especially since he eased into it with all these diplomatic things about wanting to work in LA and differences of opinion. Totally mean.

  • OldTowneTavern says:

    The real competition was between Mila and Seth Aaron, the only reason Emilio was up there (in second place!) with his Claire Huxtable line is because Faith Hill wouldn't let him go. I contend, of all the outfits above, which ones can you see Barbara Walters' wearing? If you aspire to be a lady who lunches in a 1991 time loop (as Faith Hill must), Emilio's your man. I liked Mila's a lot more up close than I did online, but, when I saw all the collections back in February I thought the winner was either Jay or Seth Aaron.
    I have Models of the Runway TiVo'd, but I'm hesitating to watch. After two seasons, all I've learned is that Irish models are the only ones I want to hear from.

  • Fashionista says:

    I was saddened that Emilio did not win this season's PR. . He competed fair and was ruled by the judges in their comments as surely the winner and should have won. Emilio got the loudest applause from the audience. I am really pissed off with your show and feel you should be fair in picking the contestant who is truly the winner and leave your biases at home. For the record, I would wear everything Emilio designed and would buy it in a heart beat. Lady Gaga would be Seth's first customer. Meaning he is a good designer but he does not represent the mainstream who read Marie Claire.

  • Louis Virtel says:

    Jay's collection was great -- still in love with his red blazer and silver dress.

  • blogags says:

    I like these beautiful girls hehe. it's just sad emilio did not win this season.

  • I hope one of the judges were simon. It would be great!

  • Citizen Bitch says:

    Oh, I was hoping Jujubee would have won.