Our Commenters of the Week Win a Last-Minute Conversion to 3-D!


This is an especially bright day for our flat, Cinemascope commenters. Today, five of Movieline's diligent readers win "an after-the-fact conversion to 3-D," just like your old buddies The Last Airbender and The Green Hornet. It'll be like they're living in their own Viewmaster, assembled by Indian effects gurus working around the clock. You're alive! So: Who wins this hinky jump into volume?

Bourgeois Nerd on Which Star is Coming Out as Gay: "Isn't 'the one no one remembers from Nick Lachey's boyband' Nick Lachey?"

bess marvin, girl detective on Beastly Trailer: Mary-Kate Olsen is the Littlest Witch: "The only thing beastly about this movie is Lisa Gay Hamilton's accent."

Dimo on Is Human Centipede 2010's Most Barfiest Movie?: "The real horror is when they go out for Mexican."

metroville on 5 Haiku Inspired by the Brand-New Eclipse Trailer: "This is not Haiku. Synchronized hood removal! Wait, though--yes it is."

Academy Screener on Casting Ejyafjallajökull: The Motion Picture: "Is that Liam Neeson or Dennis Miller?"

Congrats to all!